In this fast moving world all of us have forgotten those few reasons to be happy and grateful for. Those few moments when you just feel blessed or have a sudden smile creeping up on your face. Here are few of the many uncomplicated and inexpensive reasons for you to be happy:

  1. A good night sleep
    Weeks of work and no sleep; Finally there was this one day when you didn’t have to wake up early and rush to work; the day when you could have a good 8 hours sleep and wake up late. That good night sleep makes you feel so fresh and energized the next day, isn’t it? Let us not forget, on such a day you do wake up with a smile on your face!
  2. A perfect cup of hot tea or coffee
    After a tiring day at work or when you are brainstorming, a perfect cup of hot tea or coffee instantly makes you go ‘Aahhh!’ . You feel relaxed and refreshed when you take that first sip itself! Feeling blessed for that one moment?
  3. Jaadu ki jhappi!
    When things go wrong, all you need is a hug to make you feel better. When you are extremely happy, you can’t wait to hug your loved ones and tell them about it! A simple ‘jaadu ki jhappi’ is enough to comfort anyone or share their happiness.
  4. A smile on our loved one’s face
    You can’t resist smiling or giggling seeing your loved ones smile and laugh. Can you? Your mood instantly changes and in no time you feel a lot better!
  5. When your favourite song plays on the radio
    When casually listening to the radio your favourite song is being played… that is surely going to make you sing out loud or may be even dance to its rhythm! No, I’m not kidding. That is what all of us do unknowingly!
  6. When the weather feels just right
    When you step out of the house and you look up at the sky and smile; Now that’s when you feel the weather is just right!
  7. When someone says ‘Thank you’
    Showing gratitude to someone by saying ‘Thank you’ can make someone’s day. Don’t you feel good and smile when you are thanked for the work  you had done?
  8. Kya mast khaana tha yaar!
    It doesn’t matter whether you are a foodie or not, but a good meal satisfies you and surely makes you feel happier.
  9. Phone with 100% battery charge
    Having your phone fully charged makes you feel as though a superhero has rescued you when you were in trouble. Come on! Accept the fact that you cannot live without your phone and as the phone battery drains out, you get worried and it makes you feel like you are lost in this world!

    Or even better… full fuel tank!

    When you lend your car to someone and they fill the fuel in the car to full tank… That definitely brings a smile on your lips! Doesn’t it?

  10. Thank you Bhagwan. Aaj aapne mujhe bacha liya!
    This is what happens when your tincy-wincy wishes come true. The best example being when you are getting late to work and you manage to reach office on time and save yourself from your boss giving you a lecture on punctuality and cutting your salary.Or when you don’t want to go for the party, but you got to go. Then you get a call saying party cancelled! That was such a relief, right?
  11. Your pet’s unconditional love
    Our pets can’t speak our language, but they can speak the language of love better than us. Their unconditional love can make our day better and indeed make us feel more loved.
  12. An inspiring article
    When you are feeling low and are looking for inspiration, you find that one article that makes you feel motivated and inspired. Now that feeling is one of a kind to be experienced by everyone.
  13. Completion of a task just on time!
    When you are time bound to complete a task, you feel the pressure building up on you as the time runs out. You start worrying about the task not being completed on time. But as soon as you finish the task on time that feeling of relief is just amazing. You feel relieved and tension free.
    Now that is why people say time management is important.
  14. Being able to find things when you need them
    When you are in a rush and you just aren’t able to find your things on time. You panic, you shout, you freak out; and as soon as you find what you needed, you are all of the sudden calm and pretend like nothing ever happened, leaving others puzzled with your sudden change in reaction.
  15. “Oye! Kya haal-chaal? Kya kar raha hai tu aajkal?”
    Yes, receiving a call from your bestie after ages definitely brightens up your day!
  16. Say cheese! *click*
    Having a perfect picture being clicked without your eyes being shut or finally having a perfect selfie after many clicks… does that make you happy? Of course it does!
  17. Sale! Discount! Yippeee!
    The magical four letter word to make any woman or a BANIYA happy and go crazy is…. ‘SALE’.
    Think beyond LOVE, think about the new festive SALE and the amazing discounts you would get and then go around telling the world what amazing deals you had got. It’s a feeling of achievement you know. *wink*
  18. A good book to read
    For those who love reading books, they definitely are the ones who value a good book. It makes them feel that their time was well invested and not wasted.
  19. The feel of the cool breeze
    Not just the girls, but everyone loves the feeling of cool breeze caressing them. It makes them feel so relieved and calm within. These free gifts of nature are worth many inexpressible feelings.

    The best is always saved for the last…

  20. FREE Wi-fi
    Hum sub ko free ka maal bohot aacha lagta hai !
    That feeling of having availed the facility of free Wi-Fi leaves you with a different kind of a feeling of achievement and satisfaction. Don’t lie, you do feel very happy when your friend gives you the password to their Wi-Fi.
    And you do prefer going to those places which offer you free Wi-Fi with excellent food nowadays. Don’t you?

6 thoughts on “20 UNCOMPLICATED reasons for HAPPINESS

  1. Ur romancng wth d words..its more like talking to a bestie..jst beside us..rather thn readng an article on blog.. Words like wink, cm on accpt d fact n so r lyk..ur directly interacting 2 readers.. Evn side headings r vry catchy.. Shows ur identity.. Thoroughly loved it.. 🙂 and lastly..reading few lines gave me a low smile unknowingly…hope u got it.. 🙂 all d bst …go ahead with it identical style lyk ths.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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