KARMA is (NOT) a B*t*h !

“I am telling you, Karma is a BITCH!”

How many of you have till date told the same thing to your friends? I am sure that most of you have. Don’t deny it.

By now, all of us know that karma is a bitch and that is because we have to eventually deal with the consequences of our actions. How about we take it in a positive way today? If we do good today, we receive the same in the future. That is KARMA too.

So, why not try to win hearts by being polite and courteous today?

Here are a few ways how you can not only win someone’s heart, but also be the reason behind someone’s smile.

  1. Can you please help me?

Always remember… If you help someone today, someday when you need help, there will be people out there to help you.

Help a senior citizen cross the road, the smile you get in return of this small deed is a precious one.

  1. Compliment someone

I love compliments! Do you?

Actually, who doesn’t love compliments! 😉


  1. Please be seated

Travelling in public transport vehicles? For once try giving your seat to the one who wishes to sit. Don’t forget… KARMA. Someday, someone will offer you the same when you need it.


  1. Listen…

Exactly… Just shut up and for once listen to others when they share their problems with you. Lending an ear to someone brings you come closer to them and strengthens your bond. It makes them feel better and you would be the reason why they are feeling better and smiling now.


  1. A helping hand

When was the last time you had helped your parents with their household chores and their work?

If you haven’t, then you have no clue what you are missing out on. Go, help them and win their heart.
Trust me, in return they will surprise you with something that will definitely win your heart!

Aye… don’t give me that wicked smile. I confess! I do that sometimes when I want something from them. BUT NOT ALWAYS! 😛


  1. I like your sense of humour

Now that is a secret to winnning everyones heart. Everyone loves humour; they love the company of those people who can make them laugh and smile.

What are you waiting for? Go… go and try making someone laugh today.

At times your jokes might back fire. But hey… not everyone can be successful in the first attempt, right? So keep trying till you succeed. 🙂


  1. Be selfless, not selfish

Don’t you think we should just flush down the selfish side of ours and for once help someone without any personal motive?

If you think you shouldn’t help someone without a motive, then my friend, don’t ever tell anyone that people talk to you only when they need you to get their work done.


  1. Give respect. Take respect

It’s always give and take in this case. In other words, the way you treat others, that will be exactly how they will be treating you.
Do you want to be respected by the people around you? Now you know what do you have to do for that. Right? 🙂

  1. Be polite

Learn to be polite to everyone you meet in your walk of life. You never know who is going through what in their life. Your one sweet gesture or polite behaviour can make them feel cared for. If not that, at least you won’t make the moment worse for them.


  1. Smile!

Believe me, Smile is the sexiest curve that all of us have.
one sweet smile… and voila! You would have won so many hearts in no time.
Recollect the last time you had a crush on someone, it wasn’t just because of their hot physique, but also because of their smile.

And hey, there is a brownie point too, who knows that your smile can fill someone’s gloomy day with sunshine. 😉
So, what are you waiting for? Get going and prove the fact that karma isn’t really a bitch unless we choose to see that side of her. 🙂



One thought on “KARMA is (NOT) a B*t*h !

  1. Practically few r tough to follow..evn though those gv goosebumps while hearng..bt u mentioned d possblty points.. Almost all points r possible..especially nt teaching those as a torturng trignometry..u said those as aa simple popcorn baathein..lovd it again.. 🙂


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