Diya’s HIStory

Message flashed on my mobile screen. It was my bestie, Diya. She had messaged on the WhatsApp group which had our bestie, Arif too.

Diya: I am angry and depressed, but I can’t cry. I just want to die! I think I will just jump off the office building and bring an end to it.
Me: Are you crazy? Shut up! We know you are a very strong girl and this shit will make you stronger and better. That guy doesn’t deserve you.
Arif: We are here for you Diya. Just one call and we will be there by your side to lend you our shoulder and help wipe your sad tears. He will regret all his life for this.
Diya: I don’t think I can trust anyone again.

Here we were in the exact same situation as we were few months ago. Diya’s boyfriend had broken her heart once again. Betrayed and broken her trust to such an extent that she refuses to trust anyone ever again.

The most adored sweethearts who had decided to marry each other and had convinced both the families for the same; they are no longer a couple after years of loving each other and being by each other’s side through good and bad times.

…And this my friend, was the final goodbye.

He had already betrayed her once with a girl who he had met a while ago when he was pursuing his master degree. She was his classmate and they went on to become fast friends and eventually landed up getting intimate. The worst part of this situation was that Diya had got to know this from a third person, who was their common friend. Diya and her guy had fought over this matter, argued about it, tried to sort it out like adults, but nothing worked and they decided to part ways.

Me and Arif being Diya’s close friends, tried to cheer her up. We gave her the space to deal with the whole situation, come to terms with it and accept it. Doing this had helped her recoup and she was slowly getting over her break up. Her wounds were healing and she was finally moving on. Though she still had feelings for the guy, she was now learning to let go of those feelings which once upon a time meant a lot to her.

As the world saw her smile throughout the tough times, they knew she was a strong girl indeed. But no one knew about those nights when she had cried herself to sleep hoping that the next day she would be fine and no one would feel that she was depressed & lonely.

We were always by her side, keeping a check on her and making her smile like morning light. Never did we know that someday history would repeat itself and we would be back to where the story was once complete.

All of the sudden, the guy comes back into her life. He promised to be loyal to her, promised to keep her happy and duly repent for his wrong deeds. Within no time, those feelings that Diya had killed & buried, were out of their grave and made her heart skip a beat. He had won her heart once again and swept her off her feet.

Diya had told her mother about his return in her life and had immediately messaged us saying the same. Seeing how she was behaving off late, we knew this was coming our way. We being her well-wishers, not only were we genuinely happy for her but, we were also worried equally.

We had asked her to think twice before going back to the same guy who had once cheated on her. We couldn’t see her heart break again. We knew what she had been through and we knew what it took us to bring her back to being normal & happy. We knew, if history repeats, things would not be the same ever again. But Diya was sure that her guy was not the same any more and she was confident that he would not break her heart again. Diya was now happy and seeing that smile back on her face, we had convinced ourselves to be a part of her happiness.

But now, here we are, back to square one. He has cheated on Diya once again with the same girl from his college.

The history repeats itself.

It is the same Diya,

the same guy,

the same situation,

the same reason

and the same story….

It was Diya’s HIS-story.




P.S. The names of the characters have been changed.

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