The Kite Life

I stood in the corner of the terrace of my house watching my father and my relatives fly kites and enjoy one of the most colourful festival of India, Sankranti.

The sky is covered with many multi-coloured kites, there is loud music being played in the background, you can hear people shout “cut”and “dheel de”. There is nothing better than seeing my family enjoy the festival together and watching them become kids again brings a wide smile on my face.

But as I silently observed the happenings around me, I fix my gaze to the kites flying high up in the sky. I landed up pondering over not one but many things revolving around life. I watched the kites colour the sky like never before, I saw my tension free father enjoy every bit of it. My father has taken great pain to give our family all the comfort that we asked for and I am proud of him for that. Though my father had learnt how to fly the kite and master that art, but alas, how I wish he saw that kite to be just like his life.

The kites go high and at times they swing so low that you think it’s over; isn’t life also just like that? Isn’t life similar to that flying kite which goes through so many ups and downs? Sometimes you need to leave it loose and let it be, and sometimes you need to hold on to it tight. Sometimes you will find your kite flying effortlessly, sometimes it would go out of your control and you would struggle to gain back that control. But even when you are struggling to keep it afloat and you find the strings cutting your delicate fingers, you just don’t let it go… Who knows, the wind might change its direction and would be in your favour again. Then why give up and let it go?

How I wish I could share this with my father and tell him that that’s life and he needs to embrace the ups and downs of life and take it in his stride. I am too young to share this piece of wisdom with my father who is a little more than half a century old and has seen the world more than I have.

But that doesn’t stop me from sharing my thoughts on my blog. 🙂


Happy Sankranti Everyone!


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