My Bro!

I have two superheroes in my life, one is my Bae and the other is my brother; and mind you, I cannot even imagine my life without them. And no one can stop me from breaking the bones of the person who raises their finger at both my superheroes!

My brother… It is difficult to even express in words as to what a wonderful bond we share. How I wish we were born in the same family. How I wish we could have grown up together fighting like Tom & Jerry and sharing every secret of our life. Anyways… God had thought of other plans for us.

I still remember when I first met him, those long curly locks which instantly made me feel he needs to get his hair cut short enough to make him look like he is from the aviation field. When I had first met him, I had never thought that 6 years down the line, I would cry every time he left Hyderabad to go back to his college in Bangalore. I had never thought that this guy I had met would have been the kind of brother I longed to have throughout my life till date. So what if we aren’t blood related… that doesn’t affect our sibling bond.

He has been my pillar of strength, he has been by my side during my tough times, he has been my constant support, he has been my critic, he has been my guiding light when I was wandering alone in the darkest tunnel of life. We haven’t seen each other grow from kids to teenagers, but we have indeed seen each other grow and evolve into being mature adults. I am proud to say that my brother is my Superhero.

We speak the magical language of siblings, we share a bond that none of my other family members can beat. We talk for hours together and still we do not run out of topics. We are comfortable with each other’s silence indeed. We might not talk for weeks together, but when we get a chance to do so, we talk our heart out and it doesn’t feel like it has been so long that we haven’t spoken.

I know that he is going to take a back seat as soon as I get married. I know that he will try to detach me from him so that I can give all my attention, love and care to my husband. That step of his is going to hurt me a lot, but I know one thing for sure, I can fall back on him at any given point of time in my life. I am indeed blessed to have him as my brother!

Nav, I at times fail to express to you how dear you are to me, but I know you always understand my attempts of doing so.

Thank you for always being there for me. :’)


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