So, I was reading a book titled ‘The Secret Keeper’ by Mitali Perkins, and I found something very interesting that took me back to my childhood in no time. All the kids of 90s and before 90s would have enjoyed these little games, but nowadays sadly technology has taken over the world.

In the snippet below, Asha is a teenager who has just shifted to her grandmother’s place in another city along with her mother and her elder sister, Reet. Sita & Suma are Asha’s twin kid cousins. looking for an excuse to exercise and have some fun, Asha had taken the suggestion of her elder sister and here is what Asha lands up doing. šŸ™‚

Thank to her sister’s suggestion, Asha had initiated a new cousin-based exercise plan. She taught Sita and Suma the basis of a good pillow fight, chasing them up and down the stairs while they giggled and squealed. She lay on her back with one cousin perched on her sins and lifted her feet up and down, fast giving each a turn on the roller coaster of her body while they screamed and laughed. They played the Blind bee game. with Asha tying a scarf across her eyes and buzzing while the twins circled her. Gingerly they tapped her and ran away, singing out a rhyme that meant, ‘Hey, you buzzing bee! Sting us like you see!’ Asha tried to grab them, chanting another rhyme: ‘I can’t see, so don’t blame me.’

Ah! the good old days of my childhood.. *flash back in my mind*


But kids nowadays just know only kind of entertainment.. *tich tich tich*



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