The Better Half’s Decision

I have seen my friends get into relationships and fall out of relationships in no time. I thought that there is something that played a key role in the relationships that had lasted for long…. BALANCE.

I am not just talking about the balance between work and family, but also about balancing the time with your better half and your chosen family that you address as your friends.

The most common scenario seen is…

Hence, in such situations friends take a step back and just let the couple have their time.

But there are few exceptional cases. There might be people would want to balance their time between friends, family and their better half. And that my friend, is a tough task.

Here is something my friend had told me over our last conversation that had left me speechless and I couldn’t defend myself.

“Today I sit back and realise that my life changed before my eyes and I couldn’t do anything about it. I didn’t want my friends or my only guy best friend, who I call my brother, to ever take a step back. I never wanted them to avoid making plans with me or avoid messaging me because I was dating someone.

Just because they cared for me, as soon as I told them that I am dating someone, they immediately took a step back without even making me feel that strong jerk. They were smart, they did it slowly because they knew how much that would have affected me and my relationship with the guy, who I would be getting married to soon.

I never knew that someday I would have to choke leave my family, friends and my brother behind to make sure that I give all my attention to my better-half and his family to keep them happy.

Now I know why only few plans with my friends had ever worked out… That’s because my friends on purpose had told me that have a busy schedule and won’t be able to meet me. They gave me excuses… They lied to me. They lied and took a step back for the betterment of my relationship. sob

No doubt, they will always be by my side when I need them, but now that I have discovered this truth, I am hurt beyond repair. A part of me has just broken into million pieces, but I have accepted the reality now.

I had always given my better half as much time as I could and I had made sure that we had a good time together. Even though I used to be out with friends, I made it a point to attended his calls & messages keeping aside my want for my space. That was just one out of the many things I had done. But I guess now I shall consciously cut off from my side of the world. There are going to be grave consequences to the step I am taking, but I guess the situation calls for it and I am unable to find another way out. The only reason why I am taking this step is because I love my Better Half. Had I not loved him so dearly, I wouldn’t have taken this drastic step ever.

I realised Hershey, I realised what my mother used to always warn me about. She once gave an an advice,’To make your marriage work, you will have to sacrifice a lot and you never know in what form you will have to sacrifice. But always remember, Husband and his family first should be your priority.’ I never knew my sacrifice would cost me so much. I never knew love could be this costly. Anyways, I am off to do my daily chores. Bye! Take care.”

My friend had abruptly ended the call and not leaving me with a chance to even respond to everything that she had just told me. I guess she knew that I wouldn’t be able to help her in anyway.

I am still single… but now I am pondering over how my life would be after I get married. Will I have to face the same? Does everyone have to face the same situation? I guess, only time will answer my question. Till then… I shall live in the present.


Daily Prompt – Sacrifice



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