Wanting to unwind myself this weekend, I had thought of going to the park nearby and reconnecting with nature to relish every moment of peace I get there.

Just as I had thought I was at peace, to my dismay I saw a couple in the park frantically argue over some matter that was obviously unknown to me. That definitely did disturb my peaceful time there, but what I had heard them argue about, that upset me. I could hear the man say that he wants a divorce, but his wife didn’t want to give him a divorce and was willing to fix things between them. I walked away and came home wondering if times have changed so much that relationships are now so easily¬†falling apart ?

Well, that wasn’t the first time that I had heard someone ask for a divorce, I have seen way too many families split & break; Surprisingly, it still hurts to see many more families fall apart.

It took me back to the time when my friend was going through a divorce. Though it is always a husband-wife matter and they have to sort it out themselves, we as their friends & well-wishers couldn’t help but interfere because those two couldn’t simply sort things out and make peace at all. They had in fact made it worse. Well, our help was futile. They had already made up their mind and landed up having a divorce within the first year of their marriage.

Looking back, I now realise where all of us had gone wrong. We had always thought of finding solutions to the current situations, but we never thought of finding out the cause for this mess. To fix the effect of what had caused the disaster, we should have tried to know the cause first and then look for the right solution.

Let me tell you what I exactly mean by the words, ’cause’ and ‘effect’…

CAUSE is something that happens. EFFECT is something that happens as a result.

Cause & Effect has been a phenomena that we had learnt in school as science. But in the real life it holds a different lesson for us to learn. All of us have been through though times at some stage of our life, and of what I have see till date, most of us had failed to sail through those tough times because we never bothered knowing the reason, the cause for our failure. I have ignored this fact for really long now, no one out there could even enlighten me with this lesson of life so that I could correct myself. But now that I have understood this cause & effect relation of life, I will make sure I don’t let it go waste. Let it be office work, relationships, projects or anything in the world where you have a scope to fail, you will find this Cause & Effect principle being the most useful one to save you from failing again.

For everyone out there reading this article, no matter what mess you are stuck in, if you want your happiness and peace back, then I request you all that instead of just looking at the current situation, look for that one cause that has ruined things for you. Only if you can find the cause, then can you work on the right solution.

I shall leave you with the pearls of wisdom from Dr. Joseph Murphy that I had recently read in one of his books.

If you want to change the external conditions, you must change the cause. Most people try to change conditions and circumstances by working on those¬†conditions and circumstances. This is a terrible waste of time and effort. They fail to see their condition flow from a cause. To remove discord, confusion, lack and limitation from your life, you must remove the cause. Change the cause and you will change the effect. It is just that simple.’ – Dr. Joseph Murphy



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