Never give up!

For years I have been following a television show named ‘Roadies’. There were many people who had inspired me and many who made me realise what kind of stupid people live in this world.

There is one Roadies audition video that I would like share with all of you here.

There were 2 contender who had won my heart and 1 which made me feel disgusted. Do not miss watching Nasreen’s (contender 5) audition. It is worth your time. I have mentioned the minutes next to each contender’s name for your convenience. 🙂

Contender 1 – Ocean Singh (2:50 – 12:20)

If you wants to bring a change in your life, no external force can do it unless, you yourself would want to let that change take place; and only your determination will take you where you wish to go. I hope someday he gets a chance to represent the country at the international level and get laurels for all the hard work he is putting in. 🙂


Contender 3 – Waseem Manzoor (20:00 – 24:14)

Okay, my first reaction was…. What The Fuck! (spare my language)
I don’t get it, if someone does something to your sister, you will go break his bones. When you go and rape a girl, doesn’t it strike to you that she also can be someone’s sister? This issue is enough talked about in my country. I wouldn’t want to waste my time on this one.


Contender 5 -Nasreen (30:46- 42:30)

She will tell you what is life. She has inspired me. Listen to her story, listen to her struggle, let her show you how tough life can be for an acid attack surviver. She never gave up people..NEVER! She continued to live that life and stand here with such a beautiful smile on her face without a single tear or frown.
She has left me speechless and teary eyed. Let us all learn from her story and be greatful and thankful for what we have.


( I’m sorry about the inconvenience to all those viewers who have read this article a month after I had written it. The video that I had shared here has been taken off the internet and I have just come to realise that there is no way I can get that clipping any more. I could only find one part of the video and I have shared it on the post.)


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