My Morning Tea…

I woke up this morning with my eyes as heavy as lead. I had a long day at work yesterday. To unwind after work, I had thought of accompanying my friend to a café near by to watch the semifinal match of the ICC World T20.

Trust me, at times I feel I am blessed that I don’t own a TV, because I have a little less tension about the match and what’s going to happene next. I am quiet happy with seeing the highlights later or checking the score on the mobile apps. Last night the match was an intense one, there were moments I just wanted to break down seeing high chances of West Indies winning the semifinals against India.

…And we all know who had won the match.

I came home and cried myself to sleep like a kid. Felt like it was me who had lost the match. 😦

Well, lets just keep the match details aside, Both the teams played well and the best team won. (Ok I got deviated from my main post. That’s how heart-broken I was).

Coming back to the main reason why I started writing my post today was that I had an amazing start to my day. What touched me this morning was something that my house helper had done for me.

I as usual woke up to a noisy house and how I wish I could have woken up a little early to see off my mother to work. With those half-opened eyes and the groggy voice I wished everyone a good morning. I don’t think anyone heard me greet them because I didn’t get a reply from anyone.

Seeing me unwell, my house helper quickly ran to kitchen to make me a cup of tea, and that is something very unusual because no one makes the morning tea for me. I am not that pampered you see. 😛

By the time I had freshened up and come back to my room, I saw a huge mug of tea on the table along with the book I am currently reading.

I was pleasantly surprised. My house helper saw my expression and said,”I saw that you were unwell and you were upset about the match last night, so I made a huge mug of your favourite flavour tea to help you feel better. You can take a break from your studies for a while and read the other book today.”
The next thing I did was to give her a bear hug and thank her for making my morning so special!

I never expected my house helper would do this for me. I never knew that she’d keep a track of how I like my tea to be or what book am I currently reading. Sometimes unexpected people do something as simple as this and touch your heart.

I then realised, it’s just this simple to pamper someone and make them feel special. But all of us usually opt for the complicated ways rather than these simple ones. Don’t we?


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