You’re Beautiful


After watching Radhika Apte’s latest video, how I wish someone could have given me the same advice when I was struggling at that age. How I wish I could meet that 17-year-old me again and tell her exactly what Radhika Apte had just told to her 17-year-old self in the video.

Even though I was making my place in the world of sports by winning medals, trophies and being called a champ, I disliked every other thing about myself. I had low self-esteem, I was always in complex about the way I looked. Acne on my skin at that age had done so much damage that till I date fear looking at myself in the mirror.

Back then I had made sports my life just to scape from everything I could. I couldn’t enjoy life because I was bound by way too many rules that I just didn’t know how to break free from. Hence, I worked so hard to keep myself busy with sports and studies that I had forgotten there is a life beyond this. I had kept myself so aloof from the world outside that the first time I had gone to Café Coffee Day was in the year 2011 when I had just started my graduation final year . (Trust me, that was the first rule I broke… going to Café Coffee Day.)

How I wish someone could have back then helped me accept myself the way I was instead of going into a shell and escaping from the world. How I wish someone could understand what I was going through during my teenage and tell me that it’s all temporary and future has something amazing in store for me.

How I wish someone could tell me, “You’re Beautiful” instead of pointing out at my acne, my tanned skin, my looks and taunt at my tomboy nature.

For the ones who are of that age now, Radhika Apte’s video is a must watch for you. Don’t commit the mistake that I had done because life is Beautiful and so are YOU!



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