Stop exercising Hershey!

Those who personally know me, they know that I have been a national level medallist in swimming and a state level basket ball player. Sports has been my life and I have always believed in staying fit & eating healthy. (My healthy diet includes a lot of tea, coffee and chocolates 😛 )

Few years ago I had decided to pursue my sports as just my hobby instead of continuing it competitively so that I can concentrate on my academics to make another dream of mine turn into reality. But just because I had left competitive sports that doesn’t mean I stop exercising completely. Hence I till date continue to exercise regularly.

My work out regime includes a lot of Yoga, Cardio, Pilates, Aerobics and etc. Off late I had lost a lot of weight, toned my body to a great extend and I am happy about it. 🙂 I don’t believe in being skinny, but I always believe that one must maintain themselves and look fit.

Then what is the problem you ask? I will tell you that now.

Every time someone sees me exercise or hears about my workout regime, they tell something or the other that annoys me! Agrrrhhh!
Let me tell you what annoys me the most. For those who cannot follow Hindi or Punjabi, don’t worry, I will write that stuff in English for you. 😀

So here are the top 8 things that my friends, family and relatives tell me when the topic comes to me exercising…

  • Stop jogging in the park. You will get tanned. Buy a treadmill!

    Seriously asking… When will we Indians stop being obsessed with fair skin???
  • Aur kitna patla hona hai tujhe? (how much more thin do you want to become?)

    Now that’s seriously annoying. I don’t exercise to become thin, I exercise to keep my body toned and fit. Any ways… I doubt people will ever understand the difference between the two. Pff!

  • Kinni sukkiji ho gayi hai. Koi vya nahi karega tere nall (you have become so thin. No one will marry you)

    What’s with all these Punjabi aunties? LOL
    Thin / lean girls don’t get married is it???? What crap! Guys keep cribbing about their wife being too healthy, and the guy’s mom says she is too thin. Decide one thing people or just let the girl be the way she is! But spare me that shit.

  • Are you mad to exercise so much? You want to make Abs or what?

    You will hear this coming from those people who hardly know what exercising is all about. Don’t even ask about my reaction to such questions. Hmph!

  • Yoga kar yoga! Bohot kaam aayega 😉 (Do yoga, it will be very helpful)

    When your friend tells that to you and winks after that, you know exactly what they mean. Right? I can’t help but just laugh it off. LOL After all that is what friends are for.


  • Chuck the toned body. It’s always about huge boobs and ass babes!

    d27507ca899419673b0d69ca0908b5fbOk, no comments on that. Really, I have no comments on that!

  • Hey, Don’t worry, I will eat your share of the sweets. I’m sure you are on diet. Else how would you become so thin.

    Okay, no one takes away my share of sweets and desserts. That’s mine… ALL MINE! My tactic is simple… How much you eat, that much you exercise.
    talktothehand_80_anim_gif So please, just leave my share of sweets & desserts for me and if you don’t want to eat yours, I can have that for you.

  • Park ke he gol chakkar lagate rahegi ya, gol rotiyan bhi banana seekhegi tu? (will you just be running round the park or even learn to make round chapatis?)

    What’s the connection between round chapatis & the round track I run on, Aunty Ji? Oh sorry I forgot… It’s about me getting married and then cooking for my husband and his family; I won’t be a good daughter-in-law if I can’t make round chapatis.

Am I the only one who faces this or is there someone out there who shares the same story?


P.S. I haven’t stopped exercising because of what people tell me. 😛 I give a damn to it.


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