10 Things I Adore & Love About You

So, when someone gets into a relationship, the first question asked by friends usually is… “What did you like in him/her?”

Yes, I did the same with a friend of mine. I had just asked her to list down 10 things that her Bae does for her that she adores and loves the most. 😀

Definitely it was a tough task for her to short list the top 10, but she had managed to give me the most convincing answers (Though it took me time to listen to the stories behind each of these top 10 points). 😛

They have been together for more than a year now and I have seen the ups and downs they have been through. While most of my friends experienced their first year of relationship to be the best one, this friend of mine experienced the best and the worst together. I knew that she wouldn’t be able to handle another heart break and at the same time also lose her long time friend. I was really worried for her back then.

To my surprise, when I look at these two now, I feel their bond has grown stronger and more mature over the period of time. In front of them, others still seem to look like teenage lovers to me now.

Do you know what’s the best part is about these two?
I had recently asked my friend how things have changed for them over a year and what does she adore and love about him now. Laughing at my question she said, “Hey listen, though I can tell a 100 things now, the list of Top 10 that I had told you earlier still remains the same. Now let us not keep our chocolate ice cream waiting”. 😛

While any other girl would have envied her now, I was happy seeing her face glow with positivity and also felt thankful that I won’t get to see her go through another miserable heartbreak. On knowing that those top 10 things still remain to be the same, I knew that things between these two will not change, but just keep getting better with time. 🙂

Oh wait, before you all point it out, in the list below I had edited point 8 by adding a recent reference to it.

Top 10 things you do for me that I love & adore the most 

  • Your random calls & texts to make sure I am still smiling.


  • Thanks to you, my ice cream treats and foodie meals were never boring! :p


  • You kept me motivated to help me achieve my goals. After my mother, you were the second person who had backed me up and believed in me.

Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action chalk drawing

  •  For others, my mood swings were intolerable. For you, with time you had learnt to hand them too. 🙂


  •  You taught me to be a problem solver which no one else could teach me till date.


  • I love the way you manage to take some time off from work to join me for a quick cup of tea in the evenings.


  • I absolutely adore the way you mimic my punjabi accent! lol

     And yes, I also laugh my heart out when you sing this song to make me laugh! Few jokes just don’t get boring at all. LoL

  • Your spontaneity is the best thing about you. Right from singing Ad jingles to singing songs with your own lyrics.
    Currently, I adore the way you sing ‘Chull’ in your own unique way.
    And yes, you know that if I ever dance, it would like these cute cartoons in the video below. 😛

  • I know you don’t have time to read books, that is why when I read something worth sharing, you are the first one I share it with. Thank you for being a patient listener. 🙂


  • I feel I am blessed because you accepted me for who I am. Thank you for letting me be me.



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