Gift Basket… Made with love!

It isn’t everyday that I stay awake the whole night to make a gift for my loved ones.
People think I am a fool to spend so much time making all these things when I could easily go to the market place and get one without any hassle.

I agree, I can indeed do that but, I believe that anything made with love & passion can easily beat the beauty of the ready-made things.

If you don’t believe me, Check out this goodie basket that I had made for my elder sister. I had decorated a simple basket with coloured ribbons & paper.

Not only did I decorate the basket but also make different flavours of chocolates for her and wrap them in colourful wrappers.

If you ask what did I gain out of putting in so much hard work…♥ Well, I got to see some of the most priceless expressions of ‘awe’ and ‘yum’ on my sister’s face and that had satisfied me the most. 

So, what do You think about my work? Is it Yay or Nay? 😉



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