“You are so cute & cuddly, you had patiently heard me out. You made me smile when I was uncontrollably crying. Thank you cutie, because of you I will be returning home with a smile on my face and of course a new friend by my side. Yes, I am taking you home. I will adopt you. Together we will do all that I ever thought I would do with friends. Come let’s go to your new home now.”

That day during my evening stroll I saw another street pup get adopted by a kid who needed a friend to talk to.

Usually when I am feeling low, I go out for a stroll near by. I take a break from my mobile, my people, my busy life and my identity. I choose to look at the world from a prespective I had never before. It is amazing how every time I went out for a stroll like this and I got to learn so much about life and see life in a completely new light.

All of us have got so busy that we have forgotten there is life around us. That day when I saw that little girl talk to the pup, I couldn’t help but to hear what she was talking to the pup. She was disturbed with all the turmoil at home. Being a single child was being tough for her because she had no sibling to share her feeling with. That day she found solace in that street pup who sat there looking at the her cry and trying to comprehend what she was saying.

I knew that Dogs are human’s best friends, but this kid had proved it to me. Years have passed by now and I very often see the same girl taking her fluffy friend out for a walk, a drive on the bike, share her ice cream with it and also listen to music together when they play in the park. But most importantly, that girl has helped so many street dogs get a place they could call their home. Not only had she adopted a street dog herself, but as she grew up, she made sure that more of them get adopted too. That was such a noble thought for a kid of that age.

We always look forward to buy dogs of various breeds, but we forget that we have so many street dogs out there waiting to be adopted by us.

Street dogs are no different from the other breed dogs. They will love you equally. They will play with you. They will come running to you when you come home. They will make you feel loved.

Who knows, someday when you take your adopted dog out for a stroll, you can help bring a smile back on someone’s face. Think about it. Try adopting a pet, not buying them. They will love you unconditionally too.

Adopt. Don’t Buy.

If you are from Hyderabad (India) and are looking forward to adopt a pet, you can do that by visiting the Hyderabad Pet Adoption page on  Facebook :

Help those pets get a home and bless someone with countless happy memories!

Inspiration from daily post prompt –   Stroll


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