Techno-Logical Generation

Over the years technology has grown so much that today we cannot think of surviving even few hours without it.
Born in the early 90s, I have grown up seeing the technology progress and I had adapted well to that change. But it wasn’t this easy for my parents and my grand parents.
While few of the people from the older generation have brilliantly coped up with the change, but my father has been one among those who couldn’t.
My dad’s reaction when I buy things online..”wow! you get all this also on your laptop?”

Now you have an idea about how technology friendly is my dad. LOL

Ā But what about me and my cousins who are younger to me by a decade and more?


Generation Y – I can’t wait to write a letter / E-mail to my friend this weekend.
Generation Z– I am waiting for this WhatsApp message bro!

Generation Y – We could watch cartoons only on TV
Generation Z– Repeat episode on YouTube

Generation Y – We were fans of Movie stars and Singers
Generation Z– They are fans of the MovieĀ stars, Singers and YouTubers

Generation Y – News papers were meant for news and Magazines were meant for entertainment.
Generation Z– News Apps are meant for news and all the other apps are meant for entertainment

Generation Y – I am reading a book
Generation Z– I am reading a book on the Kindle

Generation Y – The only place to play outdoor games was… outdoor area!
Generation Z–Ā The only place to play outdoor games is… XBOX!

Generation Y –Ā Travel miles to meet someone
Generation Z– Skype & Facetime

Generation Y – School projects were done with the help of information from books
Generation Z–Ā School projects are done with the help of information from Google

Generation Y – Schools had text books
Generation Z– Schools have Tabs

Generation Y –Ā Printed photo albums
Generation Z– Facebook photo albums

Generation Y – Shopping meant visiting a dozen of stores to buy a perfect outfit
Generation Z–Ā Shopping now… Amazon , Myntra , Jabong , Flipkart & etc.

Those were just few of the many incidents that made me realise the generation gap… All thanks to the technology.
If I don’t stay updated with technology now, my children will definitely say that I am from the ages of dinosaurs! šŸ˜›

Daily Prompt – Generation


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