I write because…

A question often asked, “Hershey, why did you start blogging? Out of all the things, why did you opt to write?”

Today I shall give an answer to this question.

I write because this is the only way I can talk to millions of people out there without knowing them personally.

I write to express the emotions that I have suppressed in me for a really long time.

There are people around me who are sailing the same boat as I am in. I write to comfort them and let them know that they aren’t alone.

I write to voice my opinion because at times I am just shooed away saying I am too young have an opinion of my own.

I write because at times I find it easier to express my feelings to someone in writing than speaking to them.

I write because it makes me feel happy.

I write to share the content that interest me and I feel it would be of interest to others too.

As the tagline of my blog says it already, I write to let everyone see the world from my eyes and my perspective.

I am just another writer in the lot of millions, trying to find those souls who feel like they are just another ME.



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