3 Steps to success

So… I was reading a book by Dr. Joseph Murphy and there came a topic of steps to success. Surprisingly, they were nothing new to me. When you read them in this post, you will say the same. But when I read them again and again I felt more confident, I knew I was on the right track. The criticisms of my family, relatives and friends didn’t bother me any more.

Without further ado, let me tell you those simple 3 steps to success.

Step 1: Find out the things you love to do, and do it.

Unless you love your work, you cannot possibly consider yourself successful at it, even if all the rest of the world hails you as a great success. Loving your work, you have a deep desire to carry it out.

If someone is drawn to become a psychiatrist, it is not enough for her to get a diploma and hang it on the wall. She will want to keep up with the field, attend conventions, and continue studying the mind and its working. She will visit other clinics and pore over the latest scientific journals. In other words, she will work to keep herself informed in the most advanced methods of alleviating human suffering, because she puts the interests of her patients first.

Step 2: Specialise in some particular branch of work and strive to excel in it.

The point says it all. When you do something that you like, you automatically strive to excel in it. Your curiosity to know more and keep yourself updated adds to it. You got to master an art and for that you got to put in a lot of hard work. If you aren’t doing something you love or like to do, you will never be able to master it. You will start to feel suffocated and ultimately get frustrated, demotivated and finally give up on yourself.

Be careful of what you choose for yourself and always remember that the actual hard work of excelling in that field begins after you have made your choice.

Step 3: You must be sure that the thing you want to do does not contribute only to your success.

Your desire should not be selfish, It must also benefit humanity. I am not asking you to do social service, but all that I am asking you to do is to serve the people by what you are doing.

Just for an example, imagine you wanted to have your own pharmaceutical company. You work hard and start your own company. But if you are in this field only for money, you might play with the life of so many people by using low quality products in making your medicines. Do you think you can escape from this for long? If someone suffers from your medicines, you know that they have the right to complain against your company and you will soon be in news for the wrong reasons. There goes all your hardwork in the gutter.

Lets take that same scenario the other way round. If you looked into the interest and desire of your customers and kept your quality up to the mark, then your customers will be loyal to you. Your business will grow with the blessings of those hundreds of people whose life you would have saved or diseases you would have cured with the help of the medicines that you manufacture.

Which of the above two options would you choose for yourself? The selfish one or the one which contributes to society?

I had started my journey to success some time back. I have strived a lot till day and I will continue to do so till I excel. Only because I love what I am doing, I am able to do the required hard work; Else I would have been frustrated like every other person who hates his / her job and feels like they are a slave to someone else.

Now I am leaving you with a question… Do you love your work?



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