Things I like…

Yet another short & sweet post to help you all know a little more about me.
Here is a list of things I like! 😀

  1. Chocolates…chocolates and more chocolates! ( My love for chocolates has got me the nick name of Hershey 😛 )
  2. Long drives & coffee dates with Bae! 
  3. Chocolate making and cake baking
  4. Coffee & Tea
  5. A good book to read
  6. The sound of rain when I go to bed
  7. The sound of my heart beat when I swim 
  8. Playing with dogs 😀
  9. Exercising and sweating it all out!
  10. Teaching to bridge the gap between the books and the reality 🙂
  11. Spending some quality time with friends & family
  12. Writing my heart out 
  13. A little extra time to sleep 😛
  14. Adventure Sports & Travelling
  15. Listening to music and singing along! 😀

6 thoughts on “Things I like…

  1. Baby u havent said ur creative mind of gfts nd loads of other stuff u do nd put ur sweat tym nd mind into dat u loose the count of time…. nd d happiness it brings to u nd the ones u do for😘

    Nd ya one mre stuff u lyk is going crazy on bike rides nd singing all sorts of songssss


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