Home is…

‘Home’ a word for which everyone has a different meaning to offer the world.

So do I… For me, it means much more that just bricks, cement, paint and interiors.

Home is where…

  1. My story begins
  2. The dogs rule the sofa
  3. Tea and coffee is
  4. All my books are
  5. The Wi-Fi connects automatically
  6. I can look & feel ugly also also enjoy it
  7. Where I can be myself and be loved for the same
  8. I can poop most comfortably
  9. My bra comes off… that such a relief I tell you!
  10. I can experiment with chocolate making without fear of going wrong
  11. Where my mother still treats me like a kid
  12. Where I get home cooked food
  13. I hide most of the time to run away from the greedy world
  14. I can sing out loud without being judged
  15. Where my family is

…And I shall sign off for the day leaving you all with a Quote on the same. 🙂




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