Heart Warming Gesture

The other day I was just killing some time on Facebook when I came across a post by my former lecturer which had moved me and once again proved the fact that humanity still exists.

The status Message on Facebook was as follows:

‘I parked my vehicle at the roadside for few purchases , as I came out of the shop, a woman approached me for arms. I checked my purse and found three coins which I passed on to her. How much it accounted to I did not bother, could be 2+2+1=Rs. 5. A little later as I was struggling to get my bike out of the wedge of the uneven road, I felt a tug from behind, I looked around and to my surprise found the woman I had given arms was helping me get the vehicle out.I thanked her and as I drove off felt so warm for the rest of the day. Her help was far higher than mine, it reminded me of the Bible verse that says, win eternal goodwill or friends with carnal things such as money.’


Now, wasn’t that a really heart warming gesture? 🙂



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