My Writing Space

You walk into a café and find so many people working there on their laptop, one among them could be me.

My question for the day was, ‘Where do I write?’

Now this wasn’t a tough question for me to answer because I am literally found writing everywhere I possibly can. There are so many thoughts running on my mind that I have an urge to just write them all down immediately. I blog via my phone or my laptop… or at times I just scribble it on paper and then later type it here on WordPress.

But being a person who draws inspiration from the people around me, I prefer a lovely café to blog from. A cup of coffee and so many thoughts in mind to be typed, this is a combination I really like. 🙂

Keeping the cafe aside, the other place where I love writing is my bedroom. I wish I could just renovate my room and customise it to reflect a part of me in it. For now the only thing that I could do to make my writing space interesting was to stick many coloured sticky notes on the wall with the quotes that inspire me. If given a chance to make more changes to my room, I would so something similar to these 10 pictures shown in the slide show below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I don’t want a huge room as my writing space… I just want a comfortable corner that reflects my thoughts, my personality and my creativity.


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