Tweet got me Tweaked

“Hey I have a masters degree in commerce! That doesn’t mean I know nothing at all!”

Well yes, that was my first reaction when I read it.

Now this was a Tweet that I had recent come across and it just tweaked me for a moment. It left me pondering over my own life. For the next few minutes I had paused everything I was doing because I felt this to be so mind-boggling. After hours of thinking ( Yes, I literally spent hours pondering over it) I came to a conclusion that I partially agree and I partially disagree with it.

If education is taken as a medium to learn about life, then there is no way you will ever get through life.

Education will only help you build a part of your life i.e., your career. It will help you get a decent job to earn your living for survival.

As I thought about this, I reflected on the subjects I teach at college. No matter how practical the commerce subjects are, the books university subscribes for don’t really show the practicality of the subject. For students, they fail to bridge the gap between the books and the real world. That is the reason why people feel that no matter how much you study, you know nothing at all.

Me as a lecturer, I have tried my best to give examples of my own work experiences in an MNC and the Ad world to help bridge that gap. Not only this, I have also read out current business news to explain so many topics in the class. But the students nowadays ( I am just referring to the students I have taught till date) are least interested to understand the practicality of the subjects they are studying. They are all in a rat race, running for the highest score. If this is the case, one cannot really complain that they have studied so much and yet they know nothing at all.

Coming to another thought that tweet had triggered in me was that education can help you find a job and earn, but to live life and get through it, there is no book that can tell you how should a life ideally be lived.

Life is a a teacher, and till death we are learning lessons that are new to us. There is no school for this, there is no syllabus for it either. As you grow, you learn things by either your experience or the experiences of others. In fact you get to learn a lot from the people around you. You can read self-help books to guide yourself, but remember they are the books written out of someone’s own experience.

Meet new people and try to know your loved ones better; each person you come across in your life will teach you a lesson to remember forever.

I am just about a quarter century old and this is my understanding of education and life. Yours might differ from mine because you might be from a different walk of life; Or your understanding might be just like mine because either we share the same views or you have very well managed to step into my shoes and give it a thought from my perspective. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Tweet got me Tweaked

  1. The everlasting debate: Is education a tool for the government to produce citizens to maintain the system? Is education a tool for someone to gain more depth in own interests to succeed in? What’s the value of education if the content is something one has to learn? Isn’t the value of education much better if people learn what they want to learn?
    Of course with any education people should know more after than before, just the relevance of it for real life, as you rightfully point out, is not clear enough.

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      1. I’m a teacher too, well.. on a indefinite break from it to return to it much later, and I want to give relevance and reasoning to my students. Knowing and understanding the history of X to understand and see the present reality in connection with Y, and Z, to get into a productive and positive future

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