An Apology with a Twist ;)

So… When was the last time you had apologised to someone? Most of us don’t bother apologising because we have big ego. Agreed?

We come up with all possible excuses to not apologise for the mistake we have committed; and the consequences of not apologising aren’t really something that you would want to experience.

I have so many times had arguments with my mother and bae, and if I am wrong, I immediately apologise. But an apology doesn’t mean that you would be excused again for committing the same mistake that you had earlier apologised for.

But wait.. why are we trying to make an apology such a serious one?

How about you try to apologise in way that breaks the monotony and brings a smile on our loved ones face? 😉

  1. Justin Bieber – Sorry
    Need I say any more? By the way… conditions applied. Sing it only if the other one loves the singer. Else you might just ruin everything. (Don’t bother about your singing skills. 😛 )
  2. Food!
    Yes, food is a weapon that you can always use. Girls, remember this, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, get going and order in his favourite food or why you try cooking it for him and apologise? 🙂
  3. Funny Poetry
    Oh well, you might just say you can’t write poems… But who is asking you to be perfect at it? The imperfections make it funny and much more personal. Just take a few words, make a sentense with them and try to rhyme them. 😀
  4. Puppy Dog Looks
    Ok, this one is my favourite. This works most of the time but it just backfires when you start crying. Instead of looking cute, you land up looking like a cry baby. Now you wouldn’t to ruin your perfect apology, right?
  5. Dress up!
    I Don’t mean here by dressing up hot & sexy. How about you dress up in something funny? How about your Halloween costume that you had worn last time? At times just the attire makes a huge difference and lightens up the mood when you apologise. 🙂 
  6. Internet Power
    Writing has a magic in it and if done the right way, it can move emotions. Write a blog, write a status on Facebook or where ever you wish to. But keep in mind to make it a positive one. Write what you like about the person you are apologising to. Write about that one crazy incident that will instantly bring a smile on that person’s face. I hope you got what I am trying to say.
  7. Funny Poster
    How about you use internet to search for funny apology posters and send them to the person you want to apologise to? Sometimes pictures can speak louder if teamed with the right words… Have a look at it yourself. Give it a shot in your own unique style. 🙂 The pictures below are just an example for you to get started with your creative apology and it’s okay to come up with a witty post if the not the cute one. 😉
    sorry-cute-little-kitty c4db3ed8130d3e48aa5778693bcda38a
  8. Be an artist
    Remember the good old days when you used to colour and paint in school? It’s time to bring out that artist in you again. And like I have mentioned earlier, Don’t bother about being perfect with skills that you aren’t that great at. A cute little note with a smiley and sorry written next to it would do the magic too. 🙂

Well, Those were my top 8 picks of how can you make your apology more interesting. How about you give them a shot next time and let me know how well I had worked? 🙂

Be funny.
Be cute.
Be creative.
But most importantly…

Discover Challenge – Apology


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