Dear Bruno…

The most difficult task for me isn’t how to write a letter, but how to start it… This activity has definitely taken me back to the days when I used to write letters to my friends living in another city. With all those fond memories flashing back in my mind, I have decided to write a letter to someone very special to me… My friend’s new family member, their pet, Bruno. (I have changed the names of the people in this letter)

Dear Bruno,

How I wish I could communicate with you and talk to you in your language or you could talk to me in mine; then days would have passed by just talking over the phone, skyping, going on play dates to the parks, exercising together to stay healthy, and hogging on food like there is no tomorrow. 😛

Though I still get updates about you from Kiwi and Didi, I shall still ask you the most expected question in a letter… How are you my little one? I hope you have adjusted well to your new home and have been enjoying it there. 🙂

I still remember the day Kiwi was expecting you home, he was so damn excited and couldn’t keep his eyes off the road waiting for your breeder to get you home. I was equally eager to welcome you, but unfortunately I stay a little far away from where you stay now. But I hope you had a very warm and cuddly welcome from everyone. 🙂

So Bruno, recently Kiwi has been complaining a lot about you chewing up at a lot of stuff at home. What do you think you are up to huh? You want to show your notorious side to everyone but me. Is it? What happens to you when I come home to meet you? You sleepy head! Why do you keep chewing on the wires & the slippers when you have got enough toys and snacks to chew on? It not a good habit Bruno, You got to stop it. What if something happens to you? Do you think all of us can handle ourselves seeing you unwell? Now don’t just read this forget it once you are done reading the letter. Remember it. You got to stop chewing on things that you aren’t supposed to chew. Be a good boy Bruno. Yes, I will make sure you get a treat for being a good boy. 🙂

Bruno, I want to share something with you. I know you are too young to understand all this but I can’t help it. I really want you to know that you mean a lot to me. Kiwi means a lot to me. Before you had come home, I had just seen Kiwi being tensed most of the time. I did try my best to keep his spirits high, but my efforts used to go in vain at times. When he told me about you, you were my only hope. I knew that only you can look after Kiwi. Thank you for being there with Kiwi and welcoming him home with your cute little tail wagging and the adorable cuddly looks. Nowadays he just can’t wait to come home to you.

In future, there will be days when this six footer Kiwi will be far away from being a cuddly big brother. During those times, I want you to just go sit next to him… Nudge him till he tells you what happened and speaks his heart out to you. Please be there for him because he needs you. Or you can just try to entertain him and make him smile. I know you can do that for sure. Don’t worry, I will teach you more tricks to cheer him up too. 😀 Few years or few months down the line I may or may not be there by his side. Your big brother might just ask me to move on. Well, you know I love him way too much and I won’t be able to leave him and go, but still… Let us just take this as a hypothetical situation where I was asked to leave. That day onwards I want you to be my watchdog and keep an eye on Kiwi. Make sure he doesn’t so anything that wouldn’t be good for him. Cast the spell of your unconditional love on him, Bruno. And do make sure that he exercises, and eats food on time. Yes, I will train you for that too. 🙂

Oh, that reminds me… Have you been eating food properly or not? Eat what is being given to you so that you can stay healthy and fit. I know in the coming months I will find you digging up the garbage bin and eating all the vegetable & fruit waste from there, but don’t you dare do that because you might fall ill. Now, you wouldn’t want to have those yucky medicines that the Vet will prescribe for you, right? So listen to what I am saying. I want you to be healthy so that when ever I come home, we can be partners in crime and trouble Kiwi. 😉 But you dare not trouble him a lot later, he might just not like it.

I think I have written way too much for a little puppy like you to read. You might be exhausted by now and waiting for this boring letter to end. How about you go for a nap and recharge yourself with enough energy to play with everyone at home. 🙂 Take care of yourself Bruno, remember all that I have told you. And don’t trouble everyone at home… Be my good lil Bruno. I shall come home soon to play with you. Muah! I love you my cutie!




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