Writing and Not Writing

Do you think I write everyday? Nah, I don’t.

To be frank, I am a very moody writer. I write when I am in mood to do so or when I have come across something that I feel I must share with all of you.

But being a blogger who takes inspiration from the surrounds, it is difficult to not write everyday. You will always find me scribbling something on a piece of paper, or typing it down on my phone or my laptop. So, the question for the day was, ‘What do I do when I am not writing?’

The answer to this isn’t a tough one but, but it also isn’t a fixed one.

I am a person who refuses to do one thing at a time, hence I am always left with little or no time to write. My Profession of being a lecturer is demanding and there is not a single day when I can say, ‘I don’t think I need to prepare for my lectures today’. Keeping myself up to date and coming up with case study examples for my students understanding is a task I had taken on myself. My 70% of the time is spent teaching, tutoring and preparing the lectures.

The other thing which keeps me occupied is my preparation for the government exams. I must say, I have never studied this much all my life; You will find my reference books all over my room. Trust me, there is no place for me to even sleep in my own room. lol

But as they say..all work and no play makes life boring. Agreed?

Well, I agree to that. Life become very boring & monotonous when you are just working and not indulging yourself in recreational activities. To keep myself away from that monotony, I do workout on regular basis and I also make it a point to read a book. I usually read a variety of books that help me understand the people better and help me step into their shoes. 🙂 I do spend a lot of time with my family, friends and of course my pet too. 😀

The other thing that people want me to take up seriously is my craft work and my chocolate making. Everyone sees a potential entrepreneur in me and want me to start my own business soon. I do take in assignments from people when they approach me, But my teaching career is so demanding that I cannot really afford to start my own business at the moment. But someday I definitely will. 🙂

So yeah, That’s about it. I find myself to be blessed because I have been able to manage all this till date and my family has been very cooperative with me too. Every night I make it a point to thank the mighty power for helping me get through another day. 🙂


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