Buddha’s EightFold Path

Frankly, I am just not religious. If you have read one of my previous blogs, ‘Beliefful’, you would know my religious views.

Today I am going to share something with you which all of us would have read as a part of our school curriculum but never really understood it’s depth back then.

Here is the eightfold path of Buddha which I feel is still applicable till date in our daily life.

  1. Right View – It is to see the world through the eyes of wisdom and compassion.
    How many times have you looked back at your life and felt you could have handled things in a more mature way had you been that wise back then? Well, now that you feel you are wise, then why not look at things from the eyes of wisdom and compassion in the present times?
  2. Right Thought – Clear and kind thoughts build good, strong character.
    Don’t you think you will admire the person who has clear thoughts and know what he / she wants? Don’t you think you will admire a person who has always been kind? Do you want to be surrounded by unkind or confused people? No, you don’t. Then why be the one for others. A person having clear and kind thoughts is always loved by one and all.
    Okay, listen I might not give the apt example but then this is just to help me put my point across to you all. Tell me, if you had asked your partner to deicide a place to dine at and your partner is always confused, would you like that confusion? You will get irritated and might land up saying, “Just decide one place and let me know, we will go there. Don’t always be so confused.”
  3. Right Speech – By speaking kind and helpful words, we are respected and trusted by everyone.
    If someone always speaks to you rudely or uses a lot of abusive language, would you like to be treated that way? Would you respect that person? I don’t think so. Now look back at yourself, is your speech right?
  4. Right Conduct – No matter what we say, others know us from the way we behave. Before we criticize others, we should first see what we do ourselves.
    Always remember, when we point one finger at others, the remaining fingers are pointing back at us. Before we point out someone else, we must make sure we don’t have faults at our end.
  5. Right Livelihood – Choosing a job that does not hurt others. Do not earn your living by harming another person. Do not seek happiness by making other unhappy.
    All your earning by hurting others will never fetch you anything. Remember, Karma is watching you. You can never be happy by hurting someone else. You will repent for it later.
    Do you think the smugglers are leading a peaceful life? Are they able to walk on the streets without the fear of being caught? Think about it…
  6. Right Effort – A worthwhile life means doing our best at all times and having good will towards others. This also means not wasting effort on things that harm ourselves and others.
    Give your best at everything so that when you look back, you do not regret anything. Whatever work you do, do it with the good will towards others. If you do it with the wrong intention, you know that your results will also be negative. When you can utilise your time in polishing yourself, then why waste that same time by plotting something against someone or doing something that will never help you grow in life?
  7. Right Mindfulness – This means being aware of our thoughts, words and deeds.
    I have noticed that our thoughts influence our actions and words. When I am cranky, I am found throwing things here and there out of irritation and speaking rudely to anyone who tries to talk to me at that point of time. But when I am in a happier mood and having positive thoughts in my mind, I am found being helpful to others and being a soft spoken woman.
    I know I am not the only one who is like this. Every one of you reading this blog… you are all just like me.
    Right thoughts & positive thinking is very important. We wouldn’t want a huge disaster in our life because of our negative mood influencing our actions and speech.
  8. Right Concentration – Focus on one thought or object at a time. By doing this, we can attain true peace of mind.
    Of course you can be multitasking and doing many things at once. But out of those many things, you are subconsciously concentrating on one main task more than others that you have listed. You need to learn to prioritise your tasks and deal with them one by one; so that by the end of the day you would have worked on at least one task and completed it on time.


I have been implementing these 8 rules in my daily life. I have see a change take place. I have failed at times, But that does not mean I stop following these rules. 🙂


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