If I were having coffee right now…

How would it be if I were having a cup of coffee with a person who is just like me?

Same likes, same dislikes, the same thoughts and the same interests. The world would suddenly feel like my own over that cup of coffee.

Till date a lot has happened with me over a cup of coffee… Birthdays were celebrated, business ideas were discussed, career decisions were taken, friendship had grown stronger and one fine day love had blossomed.

That day when the cupid had struck us, we had painted the world red. Till date we stand by each other no matter what came by and we will till death. Once in a while, a cup of coffee and heart to heart conversation has got us close enough to make our bond grow stronger and stronger with time as destined to be.

I could have told you hundreds of happy moments and stories that had happened over a cup of coffee, but I choose to tell you about the one after which I had lost my friendship with someone who I felt was a dear friend to me.

This had happened a long time before I found my prince charming. I remember that  unfortunate day we had met up for a cup of coffee and to my surprise he had confessed his love to me. He tried to convince me to be his better half but I refused him that very minute without a second thought. The bond of friendship that was till date going so strong, was suddenly shattered as one-sided love came along.

I tried my level best to tell him that I am not ready for this relationship. I had just broken up and I didn’t want another heart-break to worsen it. He was a dear friend but, on being turned down, he choose to end this friendship with me.

We shared the same birth date and the same love for the aviation industry; Who knew that someday I would lose a friend, over a cup of Starbucks Coffee.

If I ever have a coffee with him again, I know that things will no more be the same. I don’t think I would ever get that friend in him back because my efforts the other day had gone in vain.

To you as I speak, I just have few thoughts in my mind, I don’t know who you are and why am I telling this to you, but I have learnt a lesson in life that I will share with you now. I might be called heartless because I don’t fear to let people leave me and go. All I know is that we are all travellers here and we meet each other over a journey that was destined. There are many lessons that Life has decide to teach us and that is when we meet our fellow travellers. They unknowingly impart us with wisdom that no one else could teach. There are a few travellers we got to depart with and the others with who we continue the journey. If it’s time to let someone go, let them go. Don’t hold them back. But as you let them go, don’t forget the lesson preached. Who knows, at the very next step there might await another traveller to take you on another journey.


3 thoughts on “If I were having coffee right now…

  1. Nicely put. I do think that the greatest skill we can learn is to be ready for whatever, or whomever, might be around the corner. Or at the next table. Or waiting in that envelope in the mailbox, waiting to be opened. And then to put our weight down, to be fully present, whatever happens.

    Oh, and I take my coffee with cream. 🙂

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