“I need to talk to you”

Next time someone says that to you, do take some time out and listen to what they have to say because today if you are being there for someone, tomorrow they will be there for you too.

Okay I agree that if your parents or your spouse says that to you, you start counting all the mistakes that you have done and will come up with every possible idea to defend yourself. Right?

But just in case someone is upset and wants to talk to you about it, then consider yourself to be blessed for the fact that someone trusts you a lot and has decided to share something with you.

Have you wondered why do we all feel like talking to someone about our sorrows and our bad times?

Have you observed that you feel extremely relieved after you have poured your heart out to the person you trust?

Have you noticed, the thoughts which are put into your mind afterwards are the ones which last longer on your mind?

Let me explain as to why does this happen.

Our mind is full of thoughts and a study says that on an average a person has 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day, and as far as my observation goes, most of them are negative. The reason behind those negative thoughts of a person is tension, worries, depression, disappointment, jealousy, hatred and so on. Now that is like a glass full of impure water. It’s polluted with negativity & dirt.

To clean that glass, you need to first drain out that filthy water. The same way, if your mind is filled with negative thoughts, you got to first let it all out. Most of the time I talk to myself and vent out everything that I am feeling. But there are times I really need someone to speak to. While my friends share their problems and troubles with their parents, I choose to share my thoughts and feelings with my Bae and my besties.
Being in a phase of life where parents find if difficult to bridge the gap between the two generations, I step back from sharing my thoughts with them. My life differs from others, so the ones who are reading this post… all of you can go ahead and share your feelings with the ones you trust. It can be your family, your friend, your spouse or even your pet. 🙂

Once the glass is empty, you can refill it with fresh and clean water right? So, the same way, when your mind is clear of all the negativity, you can fill it with fresh and positive thoughts. Don’t you automatically tend to feel relieved after expressing your feelings to someone? Don’t you begin to feel good?

Now, it depends how you bring in the positivity in you. Your friends (or who ever you are sharing your thoughts with) might be solution seekers and would be ready with solutions for you to work on, or you yourself would be able to come with ideas to deal with the current situation. Don’t forget, the thoughts that you fill your mind with now will make a lasting impression on you; So you got make sure they are motivational & positive but not the ones that would leave you feeling dejected.

You need to understand a simple concept for a better living i.e., to help new ideas and positivity come into your life, you need to first clear your mind of all negativity. The way you opt to clear your mind matters the most to you only. No one can tell you the right way to do so as it differs from person to person. They can only suggest not direct you. And every time you manage to get through those tough times, feel thankful for the fact that you survived another storm in your life. 🙂

Let your experiences awaken you and help you grow stronger and wiser.



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