Can money buy you happiness?

They say that money cannot buy you happiness. To an extend I agree and to an extend I don’t.

People also say that you are the creator of your own happiness, I agree to that but then at times you need money for that too.

Today I am struggling. I am struggling to not just change the world but to also accomplish my goals and become someone in life. No, I am not giving up. I will get what I want to irrespective of the time factor. I know these tough times are bringing the best out of me and making me who I am. But the only major reason for my struggle is money. If my family had been financially sound, may be I could have studied further and got the qualification that I wanted to have.

Had my job been a well-paying one, I could have helped my parents with the domestic expenses and relieved them from some stress of running the house. Every other day there are quarrels at home regarding the rising expenses and these arguments are inevitable. Our incomes are still the same as they were sometime back, so are our basic needs. What has changed is the price of the basic necessities and the tax rates at which we got to pay our taxes.

By god’s grace I have a roof over my head, clothes to wear and food to survive, but these three things have also now become a  luxury. With the hike is school fees, I feel education has also come into the category of luxury. When we are struggling to survive on a limited income, that’s when we feel money can buy you happiness because money helps us buy things that will let us survive.

Tell me, is education not a necessity nowadays? In India, if you are not a graduate, forget having a high salary job. You should feel blessed if you have a skill that can help you earn your bread & butter. But what about those who have none of the two?

Let me tell you the blunt truth, you cannot run your house only on love. You can run your house in harmony when you strike a balance between money and love. There is no point of having just good income and no love among the family members, and you will never feel satisfied even if you have all the love in your family and no income. Think about it. Give it a thought. Imagine yourself going through this.

Now the reason why I partially agree that money cannot buy happiness is because the friends who I have, they are absolute gems and even if I would have had all the money in the world, I wouldn’t have been able to have friends like these. I am not with my Bae because he is rich or wealthy, I am with him because I feel that he is the one for me.  The happiness I get from being with these close ones is something I cannot buy. Nature hasn’t given us a choice of choosing our parents, but even if I would have had a lot of money, I wouldn’t have been able to find those people who could unconditionally love me as their child.

Money can just buy you THINGS that you need. Sometimes these things are your only source of happiness & peace. Money cannot buy you FEELINGS or PEOPLE that are as pure as the driven snow. Don’t you agree?

This topic till date has been a never-ending debate and my opinion is just another drop in the ocean of opinions.

I know that my fellow readers will be ready with counter examples to tell me that I may be wrong when it comes to this topic, but what to do, the struggle that I am going through is making me form this opinion that I have shared with you.


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