On being open-minded…

To have an open-mind means to be willing to consider or receive new & different ideas. It means being flexible & adaptive to new experiences and ideas that we come across in our life.

Being open-minded can be really tough at times. Most of us are brought up with a set of beliefs and values, and throughout our lives we tend to surround ourselves with people who share the same values & beliefs. Now that is the reason why we find it difficult when we face ideas that challenge our own. Though we wish to be open-minded, we sometimes struggle with it from time to time.

Why is being open-minded IMPORTANT nowadays?

You would have heard that ‘change is the only constant thing in life’. Therefore, change is inevitable. But it depends on us as to how do we cope up with this change and help ourselves grow in life. The moment we resist change, we decide to stop our growth.

When people are open-minded, they are willing to change their views when presented with new facts and evidence. If you would have observed, you might have seen that the society as a whole has become more liberal today, and circumstances that were not acceptable years ago are accepted now. Am I not right? Any change for our betterment must be welcomed with wide open arms. We shouldn’t resist it unless it’s going to harm us or the people around us.

Let’s have a look at the other benefits of being an open-minded person…

  • You break the monotony of your boring life when you seek new ways of doing and looking at things. By being open-minded you expand your intellectual capability, find life more exciting, and broaden your experiences. And that makes you an interesting person to talk to too. 🙂


  • Being open-minded makes you more optimistic and make the most of your life.


  • Resistance to change causes a lot of stress. Like I have already mentioned, change is inevitable but our growth isn’t. So, being an open-minded person will not only help you grow but also reduce all the undue stress & pressure you take up when you resist change.


  • Open-minded people are better problem solvers. The simple reason behind this is that these people don’t think of just one way to solve their problems, they think in all possible directions, they think of new ideas and ways to work out the solution. And surprisingly, they come up with brilliant solutions at times!


  • Learning is a life long process and being open-minded makes this process more fun and interesting for everyone. Not only do open-minded people gain a lot of knowledge & attain wisdom, they are few of those people whose lives are so interesting and you cannot get enough of listening to them.


  • The word ‘Tolerance’ was the most spoken about topic in the recent past, and I came to a conclusion that the people who resist change, they are mostly intolerant. Whereas the people who were open-minded, they had higher level of tolerance and patience. They were open to the fact that there may have been be a valid reason behind the people behaving that way or feeling the way they are presently feeling. The open-minded people just didn’t determine in a jiffy that those people are wrong. They gave it a thought and then concluded whether it’s right or wrong.


  • Now this is one of the weirdest point but I felt it made a lot of sense. When you try to be an open-minded person, you tend to feel more energetic throughout the day; This happens because there are no negative or troubling thoughts hovering around in your brain. You tend to use all that energy you have, in seeking solutions and being creative with your work. The negative thoughts creep in only when you didn’t want to accept the change, or have been having a mind block and not being able to find a new & efficient way of dealing with your problem.

So After reading my writeup, would you still want to resist change? or would you try to be an open-minded person and make your life a little easier? 😉

Daily Prompt – Open


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