Let me be the ONE

“What if I am not settled in life soon? Will you leave me and go?”

He sat looking into my eyes, asking one question out the millions that were on his mind. In those few seconds… flashed a hundred beautiful memories we have made over a period of time. Years of friendship and more than a year of our budding love story, he was all that I wanted my man to ever be.

Tears made their way out and it felt like time has just paused. His eyes were seeing his uncertain future and his thoughts reflected self-doubt.

“No, I will not be leaving you, Kiwi. Not now and Not anytime in future.

I want to be your only one, Kiwi…
I want to be the one teasing you & making fun of you when you grow old and have a wrinkly face.
I still want to be the one forcing you to workout or at least go for a jog so that you always stay fit.
I want to be the only one to make tea for you every evening and taking a sip of it before you do, so that I know it’s perfect for you.
I want to be the only one travelling the world with you and watching you have a good time.

There are so many more things that I can list for you to know why I want to be your only one and wish for you to be forever mine.

I know you might be thinking about this matter from the marriage point of view, but let’s not forget, in this world everyone needs an understanding Companion , and in future you will too.

Let me accompany you through your good and bad times. Let me make you laugh and give you a shoulder when you are crying. I am luckily an independent woman, just the way you ever wanted, so let me pamper you my way sometimes.

We have been friends for years, and I have seen you go through a lot of ups & downs. After such a long journey of life, don’t let this struggle take you down. Take this as an opportunity to make yourself a stronger person and fight your way through this storm.

Let me be the one for you, Kiwi. And remember, for me you were and will always be the one.”

I don’t know if I had spoken this out loud to him or he had perhaps just managed to read all these thoughts running on my mind. A warm hug is all that we needed to embrace each other in and promised be companions for life.


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