You are Admired!

Do you think that only known people or just your friends Admire you?

Can a stranger not admire you?

Do you also believe that people might admire only those who are beautiful or talented?

Well then my friend, you are wrong.

Let me tell you few of the many reasons why people might admire you.

1. Your smile

Have you noticed that people love being in the company of those who smile often? That positive vibe in you smile is indirectly admired by others and that is why they look forward to spending time with you or interacting with you.

2. Dedication & Hard Work

Yes, you read that right… According to few people that I know, they admire the ones who are dedicated and work hard to make sure they accomplish their goal. Afterall doing something that you had thought of is not always an easy task to accomplish. Right?

3. Your Maturity & Understanding Nature

You would have heard so many people compliment someone saying,’You know, you are mature beyond your age’. People admire the ones who are mature and understanding because it becomes easier to deal with them as they are not only sorted and clear about that they want, but they also understand the situation and act accordingly.

4. Confidence

Nothing better than letting your confidence by your secret weapon to receiving more admiration. Everyone is not confident because they are unable to get over their so called ‘FLAWS’, which indirectly hampers their self-esteem and confidence level. They often forget that people are impressed with the those who carry themselves confidently despite of all the flaws they have. You got to remember that no one is perfect and their imprefections sometimes make them perfect.

5. Being yourself

Trust me, there is nothing better than just being yourself. In todays world, everyone is trying hard to become like someone else, but not being themselves. This does not go unnoticed by others and you give them a chance to mock at you rather than admire you. everyone is unique. You must learn to accept that uniqueness and enhance it in a way that the world admires you for it. Just accept yourself the way you are…self acceptance is big thing. Not everyone can do it. In times like these think about this one question, ‘Why try being someone else when you can just be yourself and get admired for the same?’

I could have listed many more qualities of an individual with regards to this blog’s topic, but then thought of opting for only the top 5 points. Think about these points.. Every individual posses those qualities but refuses to believe that they would be admired for the same.



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