Significant Lesson from an Insignificant Incident

Every morning when I wake up, I know that today will be another day when I would get to learn something new. It need not be something out of the box, but something that we choose to ignore or do not pay attention to during our daily routine.
Learning is something we keep doing through out our life and I believe that the person who claims to have learnt everything is the one who will never succeed in life.

So, there was this incident in college the other day during the freshers’ party when few girls couldn’t go ahead with their dance performance as planned. The college was running short on time and had to wind up the function soon. Unfortunately, all the three groups of girls had their performance towards the end of the function and their performance had to be scrapped out of the programme schedule.

Now the turning point here was when two out of the three had approached the coordinators and convinced them to let them dance at least for 2-3 minutes or may be on just a part of the medley that they had prepared for the event. The coordinator was convinced and she agreed to let them dance on the shorter version of the songs of their choice. Now in this chaos, the third girl was in a dilemma to go ahead with her performance or chuck it. They were asked twice or may be thrice about it and their response was rather a cold one. They had ultimately decided to not perform. May be they had lost the interest to perform due to the time constraint that the coordinator had put on the groups.

Few days later the same girl who had decided to not perform, had (may be) changed her version of the story and began cribbing about the fact that she wasn’t allowed to perform on the freshers’ party the other day. Now she has decided to not participate in any college function irrespective of her desire to do so or not.

What you should be learning from this incident is that firstly, the ones who want to get their work done, they do it by hook or by crook. The first two group of girls really wanted to perform, hence they had gone and convinced the coordinator to let them dance at least for few mins. They did not give up, nor did they feel demotivated; they had chosen to perform and they made it happen no matter what.

Secondly, you got to understand the fact that sometimes things do not go the way you had planned them to. In such times, you are tested for your willingness to do something that you had initially thought of doing. Had the third girl been really keen, she would have not given a cold response, but quickly come up with a shorter version and gone on the stage to showcase her talent. You are the one who decides in such times whether you want to take the uncertainty factor as a challenge and find a way to deal with it, or let it ruin your plan completely so that later you crib about it. The choice is yours.

Thirdly, you will be the one loosing out the various opportunities given to because of your anger and grudge against an incident that is now a part of your past. After a time period you will begin to regret about missing out on all the opportunities that were given to you but you had refused to make a use of it. Don’t let that happen to you; It isn’t worth it. You must learn to move on and look at the next opportunity as a fresh chapter of your life that will bring along with it a different experience. I know that it isn’t easy to let go of an incident that has put a negative impact on you, but you cannot let it take you down for the good times to come. Think about it. Don’t let the anger and disappointment rule you.

The incident might be an insignificant one to you, but what you take back from it will be a lesson that you will remember for years to come.

So, Keep Observing… Experiencing… and LEARNING.



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