Those 5 Mistakes

No one is perfect, NO ONE!

When I say that no one is perfect in this world, then it is obvious that all of us have made mistakes sometime or the other in our lifetime and have unknowingly learnt all those big and small lessons of life from them.

Looking back at my life, I had made mistakes too… I had made many mistakes, not just one or two. So, today I have decided to share with you those 5 mistakes that had taught me lessons for years to come. I’m sure you would have committed at least one of these 5 mistakes too.

1. Fall in love with the wrong person

‘Love’ the word that means different things to everyone out there. Yes, I had fallen in love too but, with the wrong person. At that time, even though it was a long distance relationship, I had felt that this relationship was just perfect. I wanted to marry him and make him mine but that didn’t happen. He had all of a sudden just left me and gone away. He was a Cheat . It was so convenient for him to walked out of my life and blocked me from all means of communication. But for me, it wasn’t easy to get over a person who I had loved so dearly and was intending to get married to. I was heart broken and felt I could never love a man again or trust anyone ever again. What made it even tougher for me is that there was no proper closure to this episode of my life.
In a way, I am glad I had made this mistake; I now know what kind of life partner I want, I got to know myself a little better and the most importantly…. I had learnt to MOVE ON in life. I am glad that relationship didn’t work out because the best was yet to come. Down the year my life had taken another turn, I had finally got back to being who I was and to my surprise I had found my companion in someone I had known for years now! I won’t term it as soul mates or lovers and so on… because the real meaning of love & relationship to me is about life long companionship; and it’s even better for me because I have found my companion in my best friend.

2. Being a people-pleaser & not being able to say ‘NO’

I have been a people-pleaser always. I wanted to do everything I could to be in the good books of every person who knew me. And you know what… I regret that now. I had killed so many desires and wishes of mine just to please those people around me. I felt suffocated after a point of time and one day I just broke free of this nonsense. It was then that I had realised I was being a people-pleaser for another reason… I couldn’t a NO to anyone.
It isn’t easy to tell a ‘NO’. Had I learnt to say that, may be I wouldn’t have been bullied in school, I wouldn’t have had such a tough school life. Had I learnt to say a ‘NO’, my life would have been different today, I wouldn’t have suffered so much!
But now, I don’t stop myself from saying a ‘NO’. I have decided to not be a people-pleaser anymore. In a way, I had learnt so much from my sufferance that today I am able to step into the shoes of the people facing the same situation. I am willing to help them and make sure they don’t do the mistakes that I had once done. It’s always an indirect motivation for them to stand up for the wrong when they know that they aren’t the only ones going through those tough times, someone out there has faced the same and is able to understand you and help you face all of it.

3. Taking decisions in anger

Yes, most of us have done this and so have I, and I cannot stop regretting those decisions. It was advised by a wise person that we must never take a decision in anger or make promises when we are in an overwhelmed state of mind. Not once, but I had repeated this mistake again and again…and once again *face palm*. All the angry decisions were taken in a different situation but everything zeroed down to my regret later on. I know it is hard to keep your mind cool when your blood is boiling with anger; With time I have learnt to at least not take a decision when I am angry and that has turned out to be fruitful because I landed up making lesser blunders. Trust me, if you start working on this mistake, you will save yourself from a lot of future problems, troubles and regret.

4. Not listening to my heart

I was a person who used to keep others wishes and wants before mine. I tried following my heart to an extent, but later I just couldn’t keep up with it. I gave up. I wasn’t listening to my heart. All that I have to say now is that I WISH I HAD FOLLOWED MY HEART. Deep down I regret quitting swimming competitively. I Wish I could stay strong a little longer. All those years I had fought with my family to go for swimming. I had no one encouraging me for it other than my mother. I had fought a fight for so long, I wish I had stayed strong for a little more while. Though I had left swimming competitively, I had decided to persue it as my hobby now. It was too difficult to let go of something I was so passionate about.

There was another twist in my life when I had finally decided to take up my other passion as my life long career. I wanted to teach. That was the only way I could share my knowledge with the world and also mould the young minds to make the future of the nation brighter. ‘Such a noble thought’, isn’t that what you would have thought reading what I just wrote? Well, guess what, my relatives don’t really understand this ‘noble thought’ crap. All they see is how much money am I making out of my profession. I was a fool to have tried to explain them about my choice to become a lecturer and waste my precious time. They will never understand any of this because they were taught that you cannot earn your bread & butter out of the things you are passionate about.

Now and then I have people criticising my choice of career and I have learnt to ignore that shit. What matters to me is the peaceful and content sleep I have at night knowing that I am following my heart now and also working on accomplishing my long-term goal. Had I not followed my heart, I wouldn’t have been a lecturer today. Had I once again given up on my passion, I would have been working in one of the renowned MNCs, sitting in my cubicle and regretting for not following my heart.


5. Giving up

Being a sportswoman I was always taught to never give up. Sometimes the situations are such that we just give up; I was in a similar situation once and I was on the verge of giving up. Yes, You have read out it in my previous point ‘Not listening to my heart’. Today when I look back, I am glad I didn’t give up back then. Had I given up that time, I wouldn’t have been a lecturer and a blogger today who wishes to change the world by changing the thoughts and the attitude of one person at a time.
And look what I have here, a perfect advertisement that prompts the same message… ‘Never give up!’

To wrap it all up, I would want to tell you that it is absolutely fine to commit a Mistake , but it is also important that we learn a lesson from it. 🙂

Hope you all have a pleasant start to the week! 


4 thoughts on “Those 5 Mistakes

  1. Passion yes..its important..but luckily my passion-media even makes money n so is sustaining.. but i dnt do if i cud b as brave as is equally important these days. especially whn frnds or our fellow aged people among relatives making it big..wtever v do may sound it as some vivekananda gyan bodha to them..crossing out tht EDGE..n standing for ur passionated teaching n happy with not evry1 does..n thts wt makes wt u r..1 day whn i look back n see..probably il hv u as the finest person i met.. i know a girl named HARSHITA..tht makes me going baby.. lots of love.. 🙂

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