Dream Big… They Come True!

Just another incident today made me once again believe and have faith in my dreams because I now realised that they do come true.

I had just received an autographed copy of a book from one of my favorite Indian fiction authors, Priya Kumar.


With a lot of excitement and joy I sent this picture to my Bae. His reply to it was with an image which made my world pause for a moment and let my eyes swell with the tears of happiness. The image he had sent me was none other than a screenshot of one of my Facebook display pictures I had posted a long time ago. The description I had written for the post was none other than my dream.

This is the screen shot that my Bae has sent to me…wp-1474648284971.jpg

I cried on realising I had finally made one of my biggest dreams come true! I wanted to become a lecturer. For others, this isn’t a great deal; For me, it meant my world. My dream meant everything because that was the only way I could give something back to the society and bring in a positive change in the society. I am now a lecturer and I am already working on my next dream of bringing a change in the society. The happiness I had experienced on this realisation was out of the world and I just cannot express it in words.

Dreams do come true! If your dreams are realistic and you are working hard to make them come true, then now or later your dreams will definitely manifest into reality!

Today I had realised that hard work definitely pays off sometime or the other. Sometimes we unknowingly have already achieved our goals and have already stated our next journey, working on another goal..another DREAM,  And when we realise that our reality is exactly what we had dreamt of… that feeling of happiness and gratitude we experience at that moment leaves us speechless. Today I have decided to not give up on any of my dreams thinking that they will never come true. I will have faith in my dreams and make sure to do all that I can, to manifest my them into reality.

I will dare to DREAM and work hard enough to make it my REALITY.

By the way… What are you all waiting for now? Go on…go on and make your dreams come true! 🙂


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