Just Another Evening…

It was just another evening when I was out dining with my Bae at a place called Coco’s Bar & Grill. After a rough day at our work place, this place had just set the mood right with its ambience which made us feel we are in Goa. The place was dimly lit, there was live music and of course yummy food. I can’t express in words how relaxed we  had felt.

Now, this ‘Just another evening’ had turned out to be one of those evening where I had realised two things…


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(a) The fictional characters you read in books are sometimes already a part of your life in reality.
(b) I guess I fell in love with my Bae all over again.

I had recently finished reading a book titled ‘The Perfect World’ by Priya Kumar. There was a Character in the book named Acrodorf who I felt connected to at a very unusually different level. All the while that I was reading the book, I couldn’t stop telling myself that I guess I know a person like Acrodorf, but I couldn’t clearly think of who it was. My thoughts were blurred, but my feelings were way too strong to feel every bit of those incidents that took place in the book.

It so happened that my Bae saw me lost in my thoughts and snapped me out of it.

“ Hershey, look here. What happened? Is everything alright?” he asked.

He had a concerned look on his face as he looked right into my eyes with an assuring look. That feel in his eyes had made me feel better in no time. I felt safe and cared for. It was that moment when it dawned upon me that my real life Acrodorf was none other than my Bae. My heart had just then skipped a beat and I felt everything change thereafter.

Call it filmy, but for few moments my mind raced back to the events in the book and then to the events of our life in reality. My heart raced at seeing the similarities. It seemed as though we had lived another life through the book.

My Bae has been the guy I have adored for years, he has qualities in him that I hadn’t found in any other, and he is just perfect despite of his imperfections.

It’s a different feeling now to see him ease out, enjoy the moment, sing along with the singer, and sway to beats of the song. It’s a different feeling now when he catches me staring at him and he just begins to giggle and covers his face. It’s a different feeling now when I see his eyes shine in the dim lighting of the place as though it was star which showed me my right path way. It is a different feeling now when he smiles trying to hide all his business tension and cracks a joke to hear me laughing like a baby.

We have been together for quite a long time now and we have seen stormy times along with those rosy honeymoon days, all I could see was our bond getting stronger and stronger as the days passed by. This wasn’t the first time that he had made my heart skip a beat; but this definitely was the first time when a skip of a heart beat made me feel way more connected to him.

This evening was just another evening… Just another evening when I fell in love with my Bae all over again and for a change I choose to write a blog post like a teenager by forgetting my actual age! 😛



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