The Perfect World

There are times when you read a book that changes you and your perspective in such a way that you are left speechless and will not be able to explain to the world the change you have undergone.

Priya Kumar with her book, ‘The Perfect World’

Something like that has just happened with me as I finished yet another beautifully written book by one of my favourite authors, Priya Kumar.

I am speechless and I have no clue as to what shall I tell you all about this book.

It is a journey from our planet Earth to a planet named Zedius, which is supposed to be a perfect world. This perfect world is now in danger and needs help. The journey of Niki Sanders & Thelda the sorceress from earth to Zedius has had such life changing incidents that I felt as thought the author had just written about my life experiences there. I felt it wasn’t Niki Sanders, but my story that was written. The bond that Niki goes on to share with a Acrodorf, the being of Zedius is just so similar to what I share with my Bae. I cannot express in words as to how much this book has made me realise about myself. Things forgotten were once again brought to life. After saving Zedius, Niki Sanders & Thelda get back to earth with their own respective purposes. The purpose of Niki Sanders is to liberate lost souls by sharing her own life story of the times when she was lost and how she made it through. She wants to becomes a writer and share her stories to help people in distress.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading in the book. That is what i am exactly doing too!

I had all these years shared my stories with other in distress just to tell them that were not lone sufferers. I had been through similar times too. I always wished to write a blog or share my thoughts on Facebook to share my experience with the world. But I never did so. After a point of time it was my bae who had given me the final push to start blogging and sharing my stories with the world. I do not know if any of my blogs have ever managed to help me fulfil my purpose, but I do know that someday they will.

I can’t help but now cite few lines from the book that might change the way you look at things too.












I couldn’t help but just click a picture of the page and put it up; It made so much sense that I couldn’t afford to miss on such a beautiful message. 🙂



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