Plan Ahead . Think Fast . Wait & See.

So, there are three types of people that generally exist in our society, first ones are those who plan ahead, second category of the people are the ones who have a quick thinking, and the final category of the people are the ones who want to just wait and see what happens.

I had once read a fable which spoke of these three kind of people with ease and perfection. I have managed to find that fable and now I am sharing it with all of you. Hope You take back a lesson from it. 🙂

Three fishes lived in a pond: Planahead, Thinkfast, Waitandsee. One day they heard a fisherman say he would be casting his net in their pond the next day.
Planahead said, “I am swimming down the river tonight.”
Thinkfast said, “I am sure I will come up with a plan.”
Waitandsee said, “I just can’t think about it now. I’m tired.”
When the fisherman cast his nets the next day, Planahead was already further down the river and thus remained free.
Unfortunately Thinkfast and Waitandsee were caught by the fisherman.
Thinkfast quickly rolled belly-up and pretended to be dead. “Oh this fish is no good.” said the fisherman and threw it safely back into the water.
Unfortunately Waitandsee ended up in the fish market.
That is why people say, “in times of danger when the net is cast, plan ahead or plan to think fast!”

Now that you have read the story, which one of the fishes would you want to be?


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