Let’s Have a Pawsome Diwali!

The most awaited Indian festival has finally come, Diwali!

Diwali being a festival of lights and happiness, you would find every house decorated with flowers, lamps, diyas, rangolis, lights and etc. While we humans celebrate this festival of happiness, the very same festival turns into a torturous & horrifying event for our dogs and pets to survive and get through.

noisefree-2Most of the people enjoy bursting crackers on this day for their entertainment. Though I have no issues with anyone bursting crackers, I get worried for my four pawed friend and all the other animals and birds who fear this noisy festival.

No matter how much I or any other person would try to discourage people from bursting crackers, no one would listen to us. So today, I have decided to share few tips on how can you at least save your pets from having the worst day. This blog post goes out to all my fellow pet owners and animal lovers, so that they can enjoy a very Pawsome Diwali!

  1. The most obvious point is to make sure that your pet is indoor and safe in a room which has all windows closed to avoid as much noise as possible.
  2. Do not make the mistake of tying up your pet during this noisy time because they might want to run to their safe corner; in such times your pet might hurt itself or even get choked.
  3. Make sure that you have taken your pet out for its walk way before the time of bursting crackers so that it can pee & poop to relieve itself.
  4. If your little pooch has found its comfort zone under a table or behind the cupboard or any other place in the house to avoid the sound, do not try to pull it out of that place. If they are feeling safe there, let them be there.
  5. The above point reminds me that you must make sure that your dog or any other pet is not left alone. For them, we are their hero. They feel safer when we are around them. So be there for your little loved one.
  6. Another way to help your dog from the loud noise of crackers is by distracting them. You can turn on loud music or increasing the sound of the television to distract them.
  7. You can also try to put a huge cotton ball in the ears of your dog if it is comfortable for the dog. My dog doesn’t like it, but I have seen many pet owners do this and those dogs are fine with it.
  8. Last but not the least… Please make sure that your pet is properly fed well before the time. The dogs don’t eat much out of fear of the noise. They tend to shiver a lot and puke everything that they have eaten. So make sure they are well fed before time.

Now, we are not just responsible for our pets, but also for those dogs who have no home and no one to look after them.

I have seen many videos till date where people tie crackers to the tail of the dog or put a bomb in their mouth or ears and torture them for fun. It is disheartening to see such heartless people around; the worst part is when people do not even try to correct them & show them the right path. So, please take care of the street dogs in your locality too. Feed them some biscuits and give them some water if you can; and do not shoo them away if they have found their comfortable and safe spot. Just be there for them. If dogs could ever speak, they would have definitely thanked you for being there for them and helping them get through the night. J

I hope those tips are helpful to you as much as they have been for me.

Here’s me and my little Gugu wishing you all a very Happy & Pawsome Diwali. ♥



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