Warrior . Survivor . Overcomer

Have you ever felt alone? Have you ever felt that you are useless and not worth of any happiness that is given to you? Have you ever felt lost and so suffocated that you made sure to exist only in the memory of others and isolate yourself from the world?

There would have been negative things told to you as a child that would have left a lasting impression on your mind & heart making you experience all these negative emotions till date.

Sometimes all you need is someone to show you the mirror to make you understand that you are doing more harm than good to yourself. You may be unable to reflect upon your life but, if someone does that for you, that moment becomes the turning point of your life. You then become an overcomer. You learn to be that person who can overcome all the negativity, face hardships and also heal your wounds with a lot of positivity.

I have been through this terrible phase and it definitely wasn’t a pleasant one to be experienced. But what came after this phase was something life changing.

I found a video today that precisely described what I have once been through.

This video will hopefully rescue those people who are going through this phase at the moment. It’s time you jerk yourself out of the darkness and step out in the sun. It’s time you bring in the much needed change in your life.

Hope this video touches your heart as much as it had touched mine.

Be A Warrior. A Surviver. An Overcomer


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