‘Sukha’ is a Sanskrit word that means ‘happiness’.

All of us are looking for that one definition that would define what is happiness all about.

While most of us find happiness in the small things of life like a good hot water bath, a delicious meal, a hug from loved ones, a joyful moment with your pet, a perfect selfie.. and so on. Few other people find their happiness in larger things of life like Cracking a huge business deal, earning more money, inventing something new and etc.

We all have our own definitions of happiness. Don’t we?

Today I had come across another definition of happiness that took me back to our Indian scriptures. I remember my mother reading out something very similar from the Guru Granth Sahib when I was facing tough times.

So here is what I had read about happiness today:

Sukha is the state of lasting well-being that manifests itself when we have freed ourselves of mental blindness and afflictive emotions. It is also the wisdom that allows us to see the world as it is, without veils or distortion. It is, finally, the joy of moving towards inner freedom and the loving-kindness that we radiate towards others.

This has by far been one of the most different way of explaining what happiness is. Isn’t it?

It isn’t easy to decipher the wisdom that these lines have hidden in them, but as you grow out to be a mature person, you slowly start to connect to this definition and understand what it really means. Having faced a lot of things till date has definitely helped me grow as a person and also become a little more mature than the other girls of my age. I have been able to understand the meaning of ‘suhkha’ and I am now trying hard my best to follow it.


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