The Change Begins With You…

You would have definitely come across this quote by Tom Ziglar, “Change starts with you, but it doesn’t start until you do”.

Few people refuse to believe that they can be the one who can bring in the change. Fortunately, I am not among that lot of people. I strongly believe that I can bring in the needed change; it would take time, and changing one person at a time would also make a lot of difference.

Let me tell you about what I had experienced recently.

So, I was here in Hyderabad celebrating the festival of Baisakhi. Every year the representatives of the Gurudwaras organise a grand celebration at the grounds by putting up a huge tent, serving Langar, having food stalls put up by volunteers and of course there was recitation of prayers going on side by side.

The whole environment was so lively and I was enjoying every bit of it until, I saw people beginning to litter the place with their used disposable glasses and paper plates. I was patiently waiting there to see if at least one person was sensible enough to dispose the used material in the dustbin that was placed close to the stall. Within 5 minutes I had lost my patience seeing no one do that and I myself picked up all the litter and put it into the dustbin. On seeing me do this, one kid came forward to help me clean the ground. She ran and told the other children to dispose their ice cream cups in the dustbin and not throw them on the ground. Few people felt ashamed and then made sure to dispose their used glass and plate in the dustbin.

In no time, the ground was back to being clean and everything was being properly disposed. I felt so good seeing people now make an effort to keep the ground litter-free. This was another moment of realisation for me; had I not taken an initiative to pick up the used glasses & plates and dispose them properly, everyone would have taken it easy and continued littering the place.

The change indeed starts with us, but the real change begins only when we take an initiative to do the deed and bring in the change ourselves… After all, we do know that our actions speak louder than words. 😉



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