A Little Motivation?

All of us are taught to have an Aim in life but no one has ever taught you to reach it.

I am a lecturer by profession and yet my struggles don’t end there. I am preparing for further education, giving exams, coping up with work pressure and so on.

I am not scared to admit that I have failed quiet a few times in the process of achieving my aims.. but when I failed, I had learnt to get up and get back on track once again.

Today was just another day when I felt like I was miserably failing in life, but the mighty power has its own ways of telling me that I got to be strong and continue working towards my aim.

As soon as I had opened the YouTube app on my handset, the first two videos made realise that giving up was never my option. That was my sign.. my signal.. my motivation for the day to get back to working hard and not giving up. The rest is all in the videos below.


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