This is the Change… (But not the one that I wanted) 

I always feared one thing in life and I knew so well that such a day wouldn’t come. Alas! I was wrong. 

I am a woman who is a workaholic to the extend that I had decided to multitask and do various jobs at the same time. Not only would that help me come out of the financial crises, but also enrich me with various experiences that would make my classroom teaching more interesting. 

Just as I had thought things are going fine, the world turned upside down when my mom had asked me to quit all my jobs and just concentrate on household chores as that’s the main identity of a woman, not the office work that she does. 

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard from my mom.

Alright, her point of view is also right that someday I would get married and just my basic cooking and all wouldn’t be enough. But trading that with the jobs I love… that wasn’t okay for me. Frankly, this was one of the most heart breaking thing that could have been told to me.

May be she could have asked me to work as much as I want, but make the house chores the priority. But she had bluntly asked me stop Everything else came as a thunderbolt on my head. 

I’m filled with such mixed emotions that I’m at lose of words right now.

I thought the times have changed, time mindset has changed, and also that my family was happy with my career now finally being on track. Then why such a speed breaker in the beginning itself? Is a woman’s identity really not by the work she does at office? It she always going to be remembered for the way she kept her house and the way she feed her family? Is the work identity only going to be for the men? 

I was out there to change the world, but looks like life is going to throw some really different challenges towards me now.

May be down the line I might look back at the decision I am taking today and regret it a lot, but I promise to not crib much about it because it’s the situation that made me take this decision.

I will make sure this change is temporary… because I am a bird who is born to fly high up in the sky and nothing can stop me from achieving what I want to achieve in life. My wings are being snipped for now, and I will grow them back and take my flight again. 


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