Skiing is a very popular sport, with an estimated 400 million people skiing around the world each year. WOW! That’s a huge number. Isn’t it!

This sport is among one of the most known and enjoyed sports world wide.

But, has anyone thought of giving a slight twist to this sport? Make it more colourful? Give it a little different look? Or just try giving it a wow factor?

Yes, someone had just made one of my wishes come true!

I saw an incredible video on YouTube and I couldn’t help sharing it with all of you. Trust me, it left my eyes and mouth wide open. It was indeed an ICY DELIGHT!

In this video, director Nick Waggoner and Sweetgrass Productions capture the sport in a completely new LIGHT in the British Columbian and Alaskan back country.

With skiers wearing multicoloured LED light suits and massive lights illuminating the landscape in various soothing colours in the night, this video reveals an astonishing new look at a rarely seen landscape which is definitely going to be a treat to your eyes!

What’s Your CASTE?

“Are you out of your mind? You want to get married to a boy who isn’t from our caste? Do you know what are you even saying? What will the society think about us? Have you ever thought about our reputation in the society? It will be tarnished! We won’t let you do this. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE!”

Now, that was the most expected reaction of any typical INDIAN parents. In the above scene, they were shouting at their girl who had fallen head over heels in love with a boy from a different caste and wishes to marry him. That is when the real struggle in her life began.

In my opinion, the two biggest reasons behind most of the issues in India are those man made barriers called, CASTE and RELIGION. Everything is divided in India in such a way that you tend to lose the count of Do’s and Don’t’s that we are to follow life long.

I still don’t understand why do we Indians pretend to be called united, when in fact we aren’t really united at all.

The only time we are united and working together is when we are in times of crises and suffering from natural calamities. At that point of time, everyone forgets all those ‘man made barriers’ and help each other face the situation. But, on any other normal day we are bothered about our caste and religion.

Right from music to arts, career and love, everything has been divided; And it’s painful to see my own people behave this way.

The worst situation is when a person wishes to marry someone from a different caste or religion.

So, what exactly happens when that situation pops up in the life of Indians?

Let us have a look at this video which has humorously put forward the reality of Indians when it comes to Caste System and Inter-Caste Marriages.

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion and I am not forcing my opinion and view on anyone watching this video and reading my post.